Deuteronomy 14:3-8

  3 H398 You shall not eat H8441 any abominable thing.
  4 H929 These are the animals H398 which you may eat: H7794 the ox, H7716 the sheep, H5795 and the goat,
  5 H354 the hart, H6643 and the gazelle, H6643 and the roebuck, H689 and the wild goat, H1788 and the ibex, H8377 and the antelope, H2169 and the chamois.
  6 H929 Every animal H6536 that parts H6541 the hoof, H6541 and has the hoof H8157 cloven H8156 in H8147 two H5927 and chews H1625 the cud, H929 among the animals, H398 that may you eat.
  7 H398 Nevertheless these you shall not eat H5927 of them that chew H1625 the cud, H6536 or of those who have the H6541 hoof H8156 cloven: H1581 the camel, H768 and the hare, H8227 and the rabbit; H5927 because they chew H1625 the cud H6536 but don't part H6541 the hoof, H2931 they are unclean to you.
  8 H2386 The pig, H6536 because it has a split H6541 hoof H1625 but doesn't chew the cud, H2931 is unclean H1320 to you: of their flesh H398 you shall not eat, H5038 and their carcasses H5060 you shall not touch.