Daniel 4:32-35

  32 H2957 and you shall be driven H4481 from H606 men; H4070 and your dwelling H5974 shall be with H2423 the animals H1251 of the field; H2939 you shall be made to eat H6211 grass H8450 as oxen; H7655 and seven H5732 times H2499 shall pass H5922 over H5705 you; until H3046 you know H5943 that the Most High H7990 rules H4437 in the kingdom H606 of men, H5415 and gives H4479 it to whomever H6634 he will.
  33 H8160 The same hour H4406 was the thing H5487 fulfilled H5922 on H5020 Nebuchadnezzar: H2957 and he was driven H4481 from H606 men, H399 and ate H6211 grass H8450 as oxen, H1655 and his body H6647 was wet H2920 with the dew H8065 of the sky, H5705 until H8177 his hair H7236 was grown H5403 like eagles' H2953 feathers, and his nails H6853 like birds' claws.
  34 H7118 At the end H3118 of the days H576 I, H5020 Nebuchadnezzar, H5191 lifted up H5870 my eyes H8065 to heaven, H4486 and my understanding H8421 returned H5922 to me, H1289 and I blessed H5943 the Most High, H7624 and I praised H1922 and honored H2417 him who lives H5957 forever; H7985 for his dominion H5957 is an everlasting H7985 dominion, H4437 and his kingdom H5974 from H1859 generation H1859 to generation.
  35 H3606 All H1753 the inhabitants H772 of the earth H2804 are reputed H3809 as nothing; H5648 and he does H6634 according to his will H2429 in the army H8065 of heaven, H1753 and among the inhabitants H772 of the earth; H3809 and none H383 can H4223 stay H3028 his hand, H560 or ask H4101 him, What H5648 are you doing?