Amos 6

  1 H1945 Woe H7600 to those who are at ease H6726 in Zion, H982 and to those who are secure H2022 on the mountain H8111 of Samaria, H5344 the notable H7225 men of the chief H1471 of the nations, H1004 to whom the house H3478 of Israel H935 come!
  2 H5674 Go H3641 to Calneh, H7200 and see; H3212 and from there go H2574 to Hamath H7227 the great; H3381 then go down H1661 to Gath H6430 of the Philistines. H2896 are they better H4467 than these kingdoms? H1366 or is their border H7227 greater H1366 than your border?
  3 H5077 Those who put far away H7451 the evil H3117 day, H7675 and cause the seat H2555 of violence H5066 to come near;
  4 H7901 Who lie H4296 on beds H8127 of ivory, H5628 and stretch H6210 themselves on their couches, H398 and eat H3733 the lambs H6629 out of the flock, H5695 and the calves H8432 out of the midst H4770 of the stall;
  5 H6527 who strum H6310 on the strings H5035 of a harp; H2803 who invent H3627 for themselves instruments H7892 of music, H1732 like David;
  6 H8354 who drink H3196 wine H4219 in bowls, H4886 and anoint H7225 themselves with the best H8081 oils; H2470 but they are not grieved H7667 for the affliction H3130 of Joseph.
  7 H1540 Therefore they will now go captive H7218 with the first H1540 who go captive; H4797 and the feasting H5628 and lounging H5493 will end.
  8 H136 "The Lord H3069 Yahweh H7650 has sworn H5315 by himself," H5002 says H3068 Yahweh, H430 the God H6635 of Armies: H8374 "I abhor H1347 the pride H3290 of Jacob, H8130 and detest H759 his fortresses. H5462 Therefore I will deliver up H5892 the city H4393 with all that is in it.
  9 H3498 It will happen, if there remain H6235 ten H582 men H259 in one H1004 house, H4191 that they shall die.
  10 H1730 "When a man's relative H5375 carries H5635 him, even he who burns H3318 him, to bring bodies out H1004 of the house, H559 and asks H3411 him who is in the innermost parts H1004 of the house, H559 ‘Is there yet any with you?' And H559 he says, H657 ‘No;' H559 then he will say, H2013 ‘Hush! H2142 Indeed we must not mention H8034 the name H3068 of Yahweh.'
  11 H3068 "For, behold, Yahweh H6680 commands, H1419 and the great H1004 house H5221 will be smashed H7447 to pieces, H6996 and the little H1004 house H1233 into bits.
  12 H5483 Do horses H7323 run H5553 on the rocky H2790 crags? Does one plow H1241 there with oxen? H2015 But you have turned H4941 justice H7219 into poison, H6529 and the fruit H6666 of righteousness H3939 into bitterness;
  13 H8056 you who rejoice H1697 in a thing H3808 of nothing, H559 who say, H3947 ‘Haven't we taken H7161 for ourselves horns H2392 by our own strength?'
  14 H6965 For, behold, I will raise up H1471 against you a nation, H1004 house H3478 of Israel," H5002 says H3068 Yahweh, H430 the God H6635 of Armies; H3905 "and they will afflict H935 you from the entrance H2574 of Hamath H5158 to the brook H6160 of the Arabah."