2 Samuel 24

  1 H3254 Again H639 the anger H3068 of Yahweh H2734 was kindled H3478 against Israel, H5496 and he moved H1732 David H559 against them, saying, H3212 "Go, H4487 number H3478 Israel H3063 and Judah."
  2 H4428 The king H559 said H3097 to Joab H8269 the captain H2428 of the army, H7751 who was with him, "Now go back and forth through H7626 all the tribes H3478 of Israel, H1835 from Dan H884 even to Beersheba, H6485 and number H5971 the people, H3045 that I may know H4557 the sum H5971 of the people."
  3 H3097 Joab H559 said H4428 to the king, H3068 "Now may Yahweh H430 your God H3254 add H5971 to the people, H1992 however many they may be, H3967 one hundred H5869 times; and may the eyes H113 of my lord H4428 the king H7200 see H113 it. But why does my lord H4428 the king H2654 delight H1697 in this thing?"
  4 H4428 Notwithstanding, the king's H1697 word H2388 prevailed H3097 against Joab, H8269 and against the captains H2428 of the army. H3097 Joab H8269 and the captains H2428 of the army H3318 went out H6440 from the presence H4428 of the king, H6485 to number H5971 the people H3478 of Israel.
  5 H5674 They passed over H3383 the Jordan, H2583 and encamped H6177 in Aroer, H3225 on the right side H5892 of the city H8432 that is in the middle H5158 of the valley H1410 of Gad, H3270 and to Jazer:
  6 H935 then they came H1568 to Gilead, H776 and to the land H8483 of Tahtim Hodshi; H935 and they came H1842 to Dan Jaan, H5439 and around H6721 to Sidon,
  7 H935 and came H4013 to the stronghold H6865 of Tyre, H5892 and to all the cities H2340 of the Hivites, H3669 and of the Canaanites; H3318 and they went out H5045 to the south H3063 of Judah, H884 at Beersheba.
  8 H7751 So when they had gone H776 back and forth through all the land, H935 they came H3389 to Jerusalem H7097 at the end H8672 of nine H2320 months H6242 and twenty H3117 days.
  9 H3097 Joab H5414 gave up H4557 the sum H4662 of the numbering H5971 of the people H4428 to the king: H3478 and there were in Israel H8083 eight H3967 hundred H505 thousand H2428 valiant H376 men H8025 who drew H2719 the sword; H376 and the men H3063 of Judah H2568 were five H3967 hundred H505 thousand H376 men.
  10 H1732 David's H3820 heart H5221 struck H310 him after H5608 that he had numbered H5971 the people. H1732 David H559 said H3068 to Yahweh, H2398 "I have sinned H3966 greatly H6213 in that which I have done. H3068 But now, Yahweh, H5674 put away, H5771 I beg you, the iniquity H5650 of your servant; H3966 for I have done very H5528 foolishly."
  11 H1732 When David H6965 rose up H1242 in the morning, H1697 the word H3068 of Yahweh H5030 came to the prophet H1410 Gad, H1732 David's H2374 seer, H559 saying,
  12 H1980 "Go H559 and speak H1732 to David, H559 ‘Thus says H3068 Yahweh, H5190 "I offer H7969 you three H977 things. Choose H259 one H6213 of them, that I may do it to you."'"
  13 H1410 So Gad H935 came H1732 to David, H5046 and told H559 him, and said H7651 to him, "Shall seven H8141 years H7458 of famine H935 come H776 to you in your land? H5127 Or will you flee H7969 three H2320 months H6440 before H6862 your foes H7291 while they pursue H7969 you? Or shall there be three H3117 days' H1698 pestilence H776 in your land? H3045 Now answer, H7200 and consider H1697 what answer H7725 I shall return H7971 to him who sent me."
  14 H1732 David H559 said H1410 to Gad, H3966 "I am in H6887 distress. H5307 Let us fall H3027 now into the hand H3068 of Yahweh; H7356 for his mercies H7227 are great. H5307 Let me not fall H3027 into the hand H120 of man."
  15 H3068 So Yahweh H5414 sent H1698 a pestilence H3478 on Israel H1242 from the morning H4150 even to the appointed H6256 time; H4191 and there died H5971 of the people H1835 from Dan H884 even to Beersheba H7657 seventy H505 thousand H376 men.
  16 H4397 When the angel H7971 stretched out H3027 his hand H3389 toward Jerusalem H7843 to destroy H3068 it, Yahweh H5162 relented H7451 of the disaster, H559 and said H4397 to the angel H7843 who destroyed H5971 the people, H7227 "It is enough. H7503 Now stay H3027 your hand." H4397 The angel H3068 of Yahweh H1637 was by the threshing floor H728 of Araunah H2983 the Jebusite.
  17 H1732 David H559 spoke H3068 to Yahweh H7200 when he saw H4397 the angel H5221 who struck H5971 the people, H559 and said, H2398 "Behold, I have sinned, H5753 and I have done perversely; H6629 but these sheep, H6213 what have they done? H3027 Please let your hand H1 be against me, and against my father's H1004 house."
  18 H1410 Gad H935 came H3117 that day H1732 to David, H559 and said H5927 to him, "Go up, H6965 build H4196 an altar H3068 to Yahweh H1637 on the threshing H728 floor of Araunah H2983 the Jebusite."
  19 H1732 David H5927 went up H1697 according to the saying H1410 of Gad, H3068 as Yahweh H6680 commanded.
  20 H728 Araunah H8259 looked H7200 out, and saw H4428 the king H5650 and his servants H5674 coming on H728 toward him. Then Araunah H3318 went out, H7812 and bowed H4428 himself before the king H639 with his face H776 to the ground.
  21 H728 Araunah H559 said, H113 "Why has my lord H4428 the king H935 come H5650 to his servant?" H1732 David H559 said, H7069 "To buy H1637 your threshing H1129 floor, to build H4196 an altar H3068 to Yahweh, H4046 that the plague H6113 may be stopped H5971 from afflicting the people."
  22 H728 Araunah H559 said H1732 to David, H113 "Let my lord H4428 the king H3947 take H5927 and offer up H2896 what seems good H5869 to him. H7200 Behold, H1241 the cattle H5930 for the burnt offering, H4173 and the threshing instruments H3627 and the yokes H1241 of the oxen H6086 for the wood:
  23 H4428 all this, king, H728 does Araunah H5414 give H4428 to the king." H728 Araunah H559 said H4428 to the king, H3068 "May Yahweh H430 your God H7521 accept you."
  24 H4428 The king H559 said H728 to Araunah, H7069 "No; but I will most certainly H7069 buy H4242 it from you for a price. H5927 I will not offer H5930 burnt offerings H3068 to Yahweh H430 my God H2600 which cost me nothing." H1732 So David H7069 bought H1637 the threshing H1241 floor and the oxen H2572 for fifty H8255 shekels H3701 of silver.
  25 H1732 David H1129 built H4196 an altar H3068 to Yahweh H5927 there, and offered H5930 burnt offerings H5930 and peace offerings. H3068 So Yahweh H6279 was entreated H776 for the land, H4046 and the plague H6113 was stayed H3478 from Israel.