2 Samuel 16:21-23

  21 H302 Ahithophel H559 said H53 to Absalom, H935 "Go in H1 to your father's H6370 concubines, H3240 that he has left H8104 to keep H1004 the house. H3478 Then all Israel H8085 will hear H887 that you are abhorred H1 by your father. H3027 Then the hands H2388 of all who are with you will be strong."
  22 H5186 So they spread H53 Absalom H168 a tent H1406 on the top of the house; H53 and Absalom H935 went in H1 to his father's H6370 concubines H5869 in the sight H3478 of all Israel.
  23 H6098 The counsel H302 of Ahithophel, H3289 which he gave H3117 in those days, H376 was as if a man H7592 inquired H1697 at the oracle H430 of God: H6098 so was all the counsel H302 of Ahithophel H1732 both with David H53 and with Absalom.