2 Samuel 10

  1 H310 It happened after this, H4428 that the king H1121 of the children H5983 of Ammon H4191 died, H2586 and Hanun H1121 his son H4427 reigned in his place.
  2 H1732 David H559 said, H6213 "I will show H2617 kindness H2586 to Hanun H1121 the son H5176 of Nahash, H1 as his father H6213 showed H2617 kindness H1732 to me." So David H7971 sent H3027 by H5650 his servants H5162 to comfort H1 him concerning his father. H1732 David's H5650 servants H935 came H776 into the land H1121 of the children H5983 of Ammon.
  3 H8269 But the princes H1121 of the children H5983 of Ammon H559 said H2586 to Hanun H113 their lord, H5869 "Do you think H1732 that David H1 honors your father, H7971 in that he has sent H5162 comforters H1732 to you? Hasn't David H7971 sent H5650 his servants H5668 to H5668 you to H2713 search H5892 the city, H7270 and to spy it out, H2015 and to overthrow it?"
  4 H2586 So Hanun H3947 took H1732 David's H5650 servants, H1548 and shaved off H2677 the one half H2206 of their beards, H3772 and cut off H4063 their garments H2677 in the middle, H8357 even to their buttocks, H7971 and sent them away.
  5 H5046 When they told H1732 it to David, H7971 he sent H7125 to meet H582 them; for the men H3966 were greatly H3637 ashamed. H4428 The king H559 said, H3427 "Wait H3405 at Jericho H2206 until your beards H6779 have grown, H7725 and then return."
  6 H1121 When the children H5983 of Ammon H7200 saw H887 that they were become odious H1732 to David, H1121 the children H5983 of Ammon H7971 sent H7936 and hired H758 the Syrians H1050 of Beth Rehob, H758 and the Syrians H6678 of Zobah, H6242 twenty H505 thousand H7273 footmen, H4428 and the king H4601 of Maacah H505 with one thousand H376 men, H376 and the men H6240 of Tob twelve H505 thousand H376 men.
  7 H1732 When David H8085 heard H7971 of it, he sent H3097 Joab, H6635 and all the army H1368 of the mighty men.
  8 H1121 The children H5983 of Ammon H3318 came out, H4421 and put the battle H6607 in H6186 array H8179 at the entrance H8179 of the gate: H758 and the Syrians H6678 of Zobah H7340 and of Rehob, H4601 and the men of Tob and Maacah, H905 were by themselves H7704 in the field.
  9 H3097 Now when Joab H7200 saw H4421 that the battle H6440 was set H6440 against him before H268 and behind, H977 he chose H977 of all the choice H3478 men of Israel, H6186 and put them in array H7125 against H758 the Syrians:
  10 H3499 The rest H5971 of the people H5414 he committed H3027 into the hand H52 of Abishai H251 his brother; H6186 and he put them in array H7125 against H1121 the children H5983 of Ammon.
  11 H559 He said, H758 "If the Syrians H2388 are too strong H3444 for me, then you shall help H1121 me; but if the children H5983 of Ammon H2388 are too strong H1980 for you, then I will come H3467 and help you.
  12 H2388 Be courageous, H2388 and let us be strong H5971 for our people, H5892 and for the cities H430 of our God; H3068 and Yahweh H6213 do H5869 that which seems H2896 good to him."
  13 H3097 So Joab H5971 and the people H5066 who were with him drew near H4421 to the battle H758 against the Syrians: H5127 and they fled H6440 before him.
  14 H1121 When the children H5983 of Ammon H7200 saw H758 that the Syrians H5127 had fled, H5127 they likewise fled H6440 before H52 Abishai, H935 and entered H5892 into the city. H3097 Then Joab H7725 returned H1121 from the children H5983 of Ammon, H935 and came H3389 to Jerusalem.
  15 H758 When the Syrians H7200 saw H5062 that they were defeated H6440 by H3478 Israel, H622 they gathered H3162 themselves together.
  16 H1928 Hadadezer H7971 sent, H3318 and brought out H758 the Syrians H5676 who were beyond H5104 the River: H935 and they came H2431 to Helam, H7731 with Shobach H8269 the captain H6635 of the army H1928 of Hadadezer H6440 at their head.
  17 H5046 It was told H1732 David; H622 and he gathered H3478 all Israel H622 together, H5674 and passed over H3383 the Jordan, H935 and came H2431 to Helam. H758 The Syrians H6186 set themselves in array H7125 against H1732 David, H3898 and fought with him.
  18 H758 The Syrians H5127 fled H6440 before H3478 Israel; H1732 and David H2026 killed H758 of the Syrians H7651 seven H3967 hundred H7393 charioteers, H705 and forty H505 thousand H6571 horsemen, H5221 and struck H7731 Shobach H8269 the captain H6635 of their army, H4191 so that he died there.
  19 H4428 When all the kings H5650 who were servants H1928 to Hadadezer H7200 saw H5062 that they were defeated H6440 before H3478 Israel, H7999 they made peace H3478 with Israel, H5647 and served H758 them. So the Syrians H3372 feared H3467 to help H1121 the children H5983 of Ammon any more.