2 Kings 9

  1 H477 Elisha H5030 the prophet H7121 called H259 one H1121 of the sons H5030 of the prophets, H559 and said H2296 to him, "Put your belt H4975 on your waist, H3947 take H6378 this vial H8081 of oil H3027 in your hand, H3212 and go H7433 to Ramoth Gilead.
  2 H935 When you come H7200 there, find H3058 Jehu H1121 the son H3092 of Jehoshaphat H1121 the son H5250 of Nimshi, H935 and go in, H6965 and make him arise up H8432 from among H251 his brothers, H935 and carry H2315 him to an inner H2315 room.
  3 H3947 Then take H6378 the vial H8081 of oil, H3332 and pour H7218 it on his head, H559 and say, H559 ‘Thus says H3068 Yahweh, H4886 "I have anointed H4428 you king H3478 over Israel."' H6605 Then open H1817 the door, H5127 flee, H2442 and don't wait."
  4 H5288 So the young man, H5288 even the young man H5030 the prophet, H3212 went H7433 to Ramoth Gilead.
  5 H935 When he came, H8269 behold, the captains H2428 of the army H3427 were sitting. H559 Then he said, H1697 "I have a message H8269 for you, captain." H3058 Jehu H559 said, H559 "To which of us all?" He said, H8269 "To you, O captain."
  6 H6965 He arose, H935 and went H1004 into the house. H3332 Then he poured H8081 the oil H7218 on his head, H559 and said H559 to him, "Thus says H3068 Yahweh, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H4886 ‘I have anointed H4428 you king H5971 over the people H3068 of Yahweh, H3478 even over Israel.
  7 H5221 You shall strike H1004 the house H256 of Ahab H113 your master, H5358 that I may avenge H1818 the blood H5650 of my servants H5030 the prophets, H1818 and the blood H5650 of all the servants H3068 of Yahweh, H3027 at the hand H348 of Jezebel.
  8 H1004 For the whole house H256 of Ahab H6 shall perish. H3772 I will cut off H256 from Ahab H8366 everyone who urinates H7023 against a wall, H6113 both him who is shut up H5800 and him who is left H3478 at large in Israel.
  9 H5414 I will make H1004 the house H256 of Ahab H1004 like the house H3379 of Jeroboam H1121 the son H5028 of Nebat, H1004 and like the house H1201 of Baasha H1121 the son H281 of Ahijah.
  10 H3611 The dogs H398 will eat H348 Jezebel H2506 on the plot H3157 of ground of Jezreel, H6912 and there shall be none to bury H6605 her.'" He opened H1817 the door, H5127 and fled.
  11 H3058 Then Jehu H3318 came forth H5650 to the servants H113 of his lord: H559 and one said H7965 to him, "Is all well? H7696 Why did this mad H935 fellow come H559 to you?" He said H3045 to them, "You know H376 the man H7879 and what his talk was."
  12 H559 They said, H8267 "That is a lie. H5046 Tell H559 us now." He said, H559 "He said H559 to me, ‘Thus H559 says H3068 Yahweh, H4886 I have anointed H4428 you king H3478 over Israel.'"
  13 H4116 Then they hurried, H3947 and took H376 every man H899 his garment, H7760 and put H1634 it under him on the top H4609 of the stairs, H8628 and blew H7782 the trumpet, H559 saying, H3058 "Jehu H4427 is king."
  14 H3058 So Jehu H1121 the son H3092 of Jehoshaphat H1121 the son H5250 of Nimshi H7194 conspired H3141 against Joram. H3141 (Now Joram H8104 was keeping H7433 Ramoth Gilead, H3478 he and all Israel, H6440 because H2371 of Hazael H4428 king H758 of Syria;
  15 H4428 but king H3088 Joram H7725 was returned H7495 to be healed H3157 in Jezreel H4347 of the wounds H761 which the Syrians H5221 had given H3898 him, when he fought H2371 with Hazael H4428 king H758 of Syria.) H3058 Jehu H559 said, H3426 "If this is H5315 your thinking, H408 then let no one H6412 escape H3318 and go out H5892 of the city, H3212 to go H5046 to tell H3157 it in Jezreel."
  16 H3058 So Jehu H7392 rode in a chariot, H3212 and went H3157 to Jezreel; H3141 for Joram H7901 lay H274 there. Ahaziah H4428 king H3063 of Judah H3381 had come down H7200 to see H3141 Joram.
  17 H6822 Now the watchman H5975 was standing H4026 on the tower H3157 in Jezreel, H7200 and he spied H8229 the company H3058 of Jehu H935 as he came, H559 and said, H7200 "I see H8229 a company." H3088 Joram H559 said, H3947 "Take H7395 a horseman, H7971 and send H7125 to meet H559 them, and let him say, H7965 ‘Is it peace?'"
  18 H3212 So there went H7392 one on horseback H7125 to meet H559 him, and said, H559 "Thus says H4428 the king, H7965 ‘Is it peace?'" H3058 Jehu H559 said, H7965 "What do you have to do with peace? H5437 Fall H310 in behind H6822 me!" The watchman H5046 said, H559   H4397 "The messenger H935 came H7725 to them, but he isn't coming back."
  19 H7971 Then he sent out H8145 a second H7392 on horseback, H935 who came H559 to them, and said, H559 "Thus says H4428 the king, H7965 ‘Is it peace?'" H3058 Jehu H559 answered, H7965 "What do you have to do with peace? H5437 Fall H310 in behind me!"
  20 H6822 The watchman H5046 said, H559   H935 "He came H7725 to them, and isn't coming back. H4491 The driving H4491 is like the driving H3058 of Jehu H1121 the son H5250 of Nimshi; H5090 for he drives H7697 furiously."
  21 H3088 Joram H559 said, H631 "Get ready!" H7393 They got his chariot H631 ready. H3088 Joram H4428 king H3478 of Israel H274 and Ahaziah H4428 king H3063 of Judah H3318 went out, H376 each H7393 in his chariot, H3318 and they went out H7125 to meet H3058 Jehu, H4672 and found H2513 him in the portion H5022 of Naboth H3158 the Jezreelite.
  22 H3088 It happened, when Joram H7200 saw H3058 Jehu, H559 that he said, H7965 "Is it peace, H3058 Jehu?" H559 He answered, H7965 "What peace, H5704 so long as H2183 the prostitution H517 of your mother H348 Jezebel H3785 and her witchcraft H7227 abound?"
  23 H3088 Joram H2015 turned H3027 his hands, H5127 and fled, H559 and said H274 to Ahaziah, H4820 "There is treason, H274 Ahaziah!"
  24 H3058 Jehu H7198 drew his bow H4390 with his full H3027 strength, H5221 and struck H3088 Joram H2220 between his arms; H2678 and the arrow H3318 went out H3820 at his heart, H3766 and he sunk down H7393 in his chariot.
  25 H559 Then Jehu said H920 to Bidkar H7991 his captain, H5375 "Pick him up, H7993 and throw H2513 him in the plot H7704 of the field H5022 of Naboth H3158 the Jezreelite; H2142 for remember H7392 how, when you and I rode H6776 together H310 after H256 Ahab H1 his father, H3068 Yahweh H5375 laid H4853 this burden on him:
  26 H7200 ‘Surely I have seen H570 yesterday H1818 the blood H5022 of Naboth, H1818 and the blood H1121 of his sons,' H5002 says H3068 Yahweh; H7999 ‘and I will repay H2513 you in this plot H5002 of ground,' says H3068 Yahweh. H5375 Now therefore take H7993 and cast H2513 him onto the plot H1697 of ground, according to the word H3068 of Yahweh."
  27 H274 But when Ahaziah H4428 the king H3063 of Judah H7200 saw H5127 this, he fled H1870 by the way H1588 of the garden H1004 house. H3058 Jehu H7291 followed H310 after H559 him, and said, H5221 "Strike H4818 him also in the chariot!" H4608 They struck him at the ascent H1483 of Gur, H2991 which is by Ibleam. H5127 He fled H4023 to Megiddo, H4191 and died there.
  28 H5650 His servants H7392 carried H3389 him in a chariot to Jerusalem, H6912 and buried H6900 him in his tomb H1 with his fathers H5892 in the city H1732 of David.
  29 H6240 In the eleventh H8141 year H3141 of Joram H1121 the son H256 of Ahab H274 began Ahaziah H4427 to reign H3063 over Judah.
  30 H3058 When Jehu H935 had come H3157 to Jezreel, H348 Jezebel H8085 heard H7760 of it; and she painted H5869 her eyes, H3190 and attired H7218 her head, H8259 and looked out H2474 at the window.
  31 H3058 As Jehu H935 entered in H8179 at the gate, H559 she said, H7965 "Do you come in peace, H2174 Zimri, H2026 you murderer H113 of your master?"
  32 H5375 He lifted up H6440 his face H2474 to the window, H559 and said, H8147 "Who is on my side? Who?" Two H7969 or three H5631 eunuchs H8259 looked out at him.
  33 H559 He said, H8058 "Throw her down!" H8058 So they threw her down; H1818 and some of her blood H5137 was sprinkled H7023 on the wall, H5483 and on the horses. H7429 Then he trampled her under foot.
  34 H935 When he had come in, H398 he ate H8354 and drink; H559 and he said, H6485 "See H779 now to this cursed H6912 woman, and bury H4428 her; for she is a king's H1323 daughter."
  35 H3212 They went H6912 to bury H4672 her; but they found H518 no more of her than H1538 the skull, H7272 and the feet, H3709 and the palms H3027 of her hands.
  36 H7725 Therefore they came back, H5046 and told H559 him. He said, H1697 "This is the word H3068 of Yahweh, H1696 which he spoke H3027 by H5650 his servant H452 Elijah H8664 the Tishbite, H559 saying, H3611 ‘The dogs H398 will eat H1320 the flesh H348 of Jezebel H2506 on the plot H3157 of Jezreel,
  37 H5038 and the body H348 of Jezebel H1828 shall be as dung H6440 on the face H7704 of the field H2506 in the portion H3157 of Jezreel, H559 so that they shall not say, H348 "This is Jezebel."'"