2 Kings 5

  1 H5283 Now Naaman, H8269 captain H6635 of the army H4428 of the king H758 of Syria, H1419 was a great H376 man H6440 with H113 his master, H5375 and honorable, H3068 because by him Yahweh H5414 had given H8668 victory H758 to Syria: H1368 he was also a mighty H376 man H2428 of valor, H6879 but he was a leper.
  2 H758 The Syrians H3318 had gone out H1416 in bands, H7617 and had brought away captive H776 out of the land H3478 of Israel H6996 a little H5291 maiden; H6440 and she waited on H5283 Naaman's H802 wife.
  3 H559 She said H1404 to her mistress, H305 "I wish H113 that my lord H6440 were with H5030 the prophet H8111 who is in Samaria! H227 Then H622 he would heal H6883 him of his leprosy."
  4 H935 Someone went in, H5046 and told H113 his lord, H559 saying, H5291 "The maiden H776 who is from the land H3478 of Israel H1696 said this."
  5 H4428 The king H758 of Syria H559 said, H935 "Go H3212 now, H7971 and I will send H5612 a letter H4428 to the king H3478 of Israel." H3212 He departed, H3947 and took H3027 with him H6235 ten H3603 talents H3701 of silver, H8337 and six H505 thousand H2091 pieces of gold, H6235 and ten H2487 changes H899 of clothing.
  6 H935 He brought H5612 the letter H4428 to the king H3478 of Israel, H559 saying, H5612 "Now when this letter H935 has come H7971 to you, behold, I have sent H5283 Naaman H5650 my servant H622 to you, that you may heal H6883 him of his leprosy."
  7 H4428 It happened, when the king H3478 of Israel H7121 had read H5612 the letter, H7167 that he tore H899 his clothes, H559 and said, H430 "Am I God, H4191 to kill H2421 and to make alive, H2088 that this man H7971 sends H622 to me to heal H376 a man H6883 of his leprosy? H389 But H3045 please consider H7200 and see H579 how he seeks a quarrel against me."
  8 H477 It was so, when Elisha H376 the man H430 of God H8085 heard H4428 that the king H3478 of Israel H7167 had torn H899 his clothes, H7971 that he sent H4428 to the king, H559 saying, H7167 "Why have you torn H899 your clothes? H935 Let him come H3045 now to me, and he shall know H3426 that there is H5030 a prophet H3478 in Israel."
  9 H5283 So Naaman H935 came H5483 with his horses H7393 and with his chariots, H5975 and stood H6607 at the door H1004 of the house H477 of Elisha.
  10 H477 Elisha H7971 sent H4397 a messenger H559 to him, saying, H1980 "Go H7364 and wash H3383 in the Jordan H7651 seven H6471 times, H1320 and your flesh H7725 shall come again H2891 to you, and you shall be clean."
  11 H5283 But Naaman H7107 was angry, H3212 and went away, H559 and said, H559 "Behold, I thought, H3318 ‘He will surely H3318 come out H5975 to me, and stand, H7121 and call H8034 on the name H3068 of Yahweh H430 his God, H5130 and wave H3027 his hand H4725 over the place, H622 and heal H6879 the leper.'
  12 H71 Aren't Abanah H6554 and Pharpar, H5104 the rivers H1834 of Damascus, H2896 better H4325 than all the waters H3478 of Israel? H7364 Couldn't I wash H2891 in them, and be clean?" H6437 So he turned H3212 and went away H2534 in a rage.
  13 H5650 His servants H5066 came near, H1696 and spoke H559 to him, and said, H1 "My father, H5030 if the prophet H1696 had asked H1419 you do some great H1697 thing, H6213 wouldn't you have done H637 it? How much rather then, H559 when he says H7364 to you, ‘Wash, H2891 and be clean?'"
  14 H3381 Then went he down, H2881 and dipped H7651 himself seven H6471 times H3383 in the Jordan, H1697 according to the saying H376 of the man H430 of God; H1320 and his flesh H7725 was restored H1320 like the flesh H6996 of a little H5288 child, H2891 and he was clean.
  15 H7725 He returned H376 to the man H430 of God, H4264 he and all his company, H935 and came, H5975 and stood H6440 before H559 him; and he said, H3045 "See now, I know H430 that there is no God H776 in all the earth, H3478 but in Israel. H3947 Now therefore, please take H1293 a gift H5650 from your servant."
  16 H559 But he said, H3068 "As Yahweh H2416 lives, H6440 before H5975 whom I stand, H3947 I will receive H6484 none." He urged H3947 him to take H3985 it; but he refused.
  17 H5283 Naaman H559 said, H6776 "If not, then, please let two H6505 mules' H4853 burden H127 of earth H5414 be given H5650 to your servant; H5650 for your servant H6213 will from now on offer H5930 neither burnt offering H2077 nor sacrifice H312 to other H430 gods, H3068 but to Yahweh.
  18 H1697 In this thing H3068 may Yahweh H5545 pardon H5650 your servant: H113 when my master H935 goes H1004 into the house H7417 of Rimmon H7812 to worship H8172 there, and he leans H3027 on my hand, H7812 and I bow H1004 myself in the house H7417 of Rimmon. H7812 When I bow H1004 myself in the house H7417 of Rimmon, H3068 may Yahweh H5545 pardon H5650 your servant H1697 in this thing."
  19 H559 He said H3212 to him, "Go H7965 in peace." H3212 So he departed H3530 from him a little H776 way.
  20 H1522 But Gehazi H5288 the servant H477 of Elisha H376 the man H430 of God, H559 said, H113 "Behold, my master H2820 has spared H5283 this Naaman H761 the Syrian, H3947 in not receiving H3027 at his hands H935 that which he brought. H3068 As Yahweh H2416 lives, H7323 I will run H310 after H3947 him, and take H3972 something from him."
  21 H1522 So Gehazi H7291 followed H310 after H5283 Naaman. H5283 When Naaman H7200 saw H7323 one running H310 after H5307 him, he came down H4818 from the chariot H7125 to meet H559 him, and said, H7965 "Is all well?"
  22 H559 He said, H7965 "All is well. H113 My master H7971 has sent H559 me, saying, H8147 ‘Behold, even now two H5288 young H1121 men of the sons H5030 of the prophets H935 have come H2022 to me from the hill H669 country of Ephraim. H5414 Please give H3603 them a talent H3701 of silver H8147 and two H2487 changes H899 of clothing.'"
  23 H5283 Naaman H559 said, H2974 "Be pleased H3947 to take H3603 two talents." H6555 He urged H6696 him, and bound H8147 two H3603 talents H3701 of silver H8147 in two H2754 bags, H8147 with two H2487 changes H899 of clothing, H5414 and laid H8147 them on two H5288 of his servants; H5375 and they carried H6440 them before him.
  24 H935 When he came H6076 to the hill, H3947 he took H3027 them from their hand, H6485 and stored H1004 them in the house. H582 Then he let the men H7971 go, H3212 and they departed.
  25 H935 But he went in, H5975 and stood H113 before his master. H477 Elisha H559 said H370 to him, "Where H1522 did you come from, Gehazi?" H559 He said, H5650 "Your servant H1980 went H575 nowhere."
  26 H559 He said H3820 to him, "Didn't my heart H1980 go H376 with you, when the man H2015 turned H4818 from his chariot H7125 to meet H6256 you? Is it a time H3947 to receive H3701 money, H3947 and to receive H899 garments, H2132 and olive H3754 groves and vineyards, H6629 and sheep H1241 and cattle, H5650 and male servants H8198 and female servants?
  27 H6883 Therefore the leprosy H5283 of Naaman H1692 will cling H2233 to you and to your seed H5769 forever." H3318 He went out H6440 from his presence H6879 a leper, H7950 as white as snow.