1 Timothy 2:1-8

  1 G3870 I exhort G3767 therefore, G4412 first G3956 of all, G4160 that G1162 petitions, G4335 prayers, G1783 intercessions, G2169 and givings of thanks, G4160 be made G5228 for G3956 all G444 men:
  2 G5228 for G935 kings G2532 and G3956 all G5607 who are G1722 in G5247 high places; G2443 that G1236 we may lead G2263 a tranquil G2532 and G2263 quiet G979 life G1722 in G3956 all G2150 godliness G2532 and G4587 reverence.
  3 G1063 For G5124 this G2570 is good G2532 and G587 acceptable G1799 in the sight of G2316 God G2257 our G4990 Savior;
  4 G3739 who G2309 desires G3956 all G444 people G4982 to be saved G2532 and G2064 come G1519 to G1922 full knowledge G225 of the truth.
  5 G1063 For G1520 there is one G2316 God, G2532 and G1520 one G3316 mediator G2316 between God G2532 and G444 men, G444 the man G5547 Christ G2424 Jesus,
  6 G1325 who gave G1438 himself G487 as a ransom G5228 for G3956 all; G3142 the testimony G2398 in its own G2540 times;
  7 G1519 to G1519 which G1473 I G5087 was appointed G2783 a preacher G2532 and G652 an apostle G3004 (I am telling G225 the truth G1722 in G5547 Christ, G3756 not G5574 lying), G1320 a teacher G1484 of the Gentiles G1722 in G4102 faith G2532 and G225 truth.
  8 G1014 I desire G3767 therefore G4336 that G435 the men G3956 in every G5117 place G4336 pray, G1869 lifting up G3741 holy G5495 hands G5565 without G3709 anger G2532 and G1261 doubting.