1 Samuel 17:45-47

  45 H1732 Then David H559 said H6430 to the Philistine, H935 "You come H2719 to me with a sword, H2595 and with a spear, H3591 and with a javelin: H935 but I come H8034 to you in the name H3068 of Yahweh H6635 of Armies, H430 the God H6635 of the armies H3478 of Israel, H2778 whom you have defied.
  46 H3117 Today, H3068 Yahweh H5462 will deliver H3027 you into my hand. H5221 I will strike H5493 you, and take H7218 your head H5414 from off you. I will give H6297 the dead bodies H4264 of the army H6430 of the Philistines H3117 this day H5775 to the birds H8064 of the sky, H2416 and to the wild animals H776 of the earth; H776 that all the earth H3045 may know H3426 that there is H430 a God H3478 in Israel,
  47 H6951 and that all this assembly H3045 may know H3068 that Yahweh H3467 doesn't save H2719 with sword H2595 and spear: H4421 for the battle H3068 is Yahweh's, H5414 and he will give H3027 you into our hand."