1 Kings 21:11-13

  11 H582 The men H5892 of his city, H2205 even the elders H2715 and the nobles H3427 who lived H5892 in his city, H6213 did H348 as Jezebel H7971 had sent H3789 to them, according as it was written H5612 in the letters H7971 which she had sent to them.
  12 H7121 They proclaimed H6685 a fast, H3427 and set H5022 Naboth H7218 on high H5971 among the people.
  13 H8147 The two H582 men, H1100 the base H1121 fellows, H935 came H3427 in and sat H1100 before him. The base H582 fellows H5749 testified H5022 against him, even against Naboth, H5971 in the presence of the people, H559 saying, H5022 "Naboth H1288 cursed H430 God H4428 and the king!" H3318 Then they carried H3318 him out H5892 of the city, H5619 and stoned H4191 him to death H68 with stones.