1 Chronicles 4

  1 H1121 The sons H3063 of Judah: H6557 Perez, H2696 Hezron, H3756 and Carmi, H2354 and Hur, H7732 and Shobal.
  2 H7211 Reaiah H1121 the son H7732 of Shobal H3205 became the father H3189 of Jahath; H3189 and Jahath H3205 became the father H267 of Ahumai H3855 and Lahad. H4940 These are the families H6882 of the Zorathites.
  3 H1 These were the sons of the father H5862 of Etam: H3157 Jezreel, H3457 and Ishma, H3031 and Idbash; H8034 and the name H269 of their sister H6753 was Hazzelelponi;
  4 H6439 and Penuel H1 the father H1446 of Gedor, H5829 and Ezer H1 the father H2364 of Hushah. H1121 These are the sons H2354 of Hur, H1060 the firstborn H672 of Ephrathah, H1 the father H1035 of Bethlehem.
  5 H806 Ashhur H1 the father H8620 of Tekoa H8147 had two H802 wives, H2458 Helah H5292 and Naarah.
  6 H5292 Naarah H3205 bore H275 him Ahuzzam, H2660 and Hepher, H8488 and Temeni, H326 and Haahashtari. H1121 These were the sons H5292 of Naarah.
  7 H1121 The sons H2458 of Helah H6889 were Zereth, H6714 Izhar, H869 and Ethnan.
  8 H6976 Hakkoz H3205 became the father H6036 of Anub, H6637 and Zobebah, H4940 and the families H316 of Aharhel H1121 the son H2037 of Harum.
  9 H3258 Jabez H3513 was more honorable H251 than his brothers: H517 and his mother H8034 named H7121 him H3258 Jabez, H559 saying, H3205 "Because I bore H6090 him with sorrow."
  10 H3258 Jabez H7121 called H430 on the God H3478 of Israel, H559 saying, H518 "Oh that H1288 you would bless H1288 me indeed, H7235 and enlarge H1366 my border, H3027 and that your hand H6213 might be with me, and that you would keep H7451 me from evil, H6087 that it not be to my sorrow!" H430 God H935 granted H7592 him that which he requested.
  11 H3620 Chelub H251 the brother H7746 of Shuhah H3205 became the father H4243 of Mehir, H1 who was the father H850 of Eshton.
  12 H850 Eshton H3205 became the father H1051 of Beth Rapha, H6454 and Paseah, H8468 and Tehinnah H1 the father H5904 of Ir Nahash. H582 These are the men H7397 of Recah.
  13 H1121 The sons H7073 of Kenaz: H6274 Othniel, H8304 and Seraiah. H1121 The sons H6274 of Othniel: H2867 Hathath.
  14 H4587 Meonothai H3205 became the father H6084 of Ophrah: H8304 and Seraiah H3205 became the father H3097 of Joab H1 the father H1516 of Ge H2798 Harashim; H2791 for they were craftsmen.
  15 H1121 The sons H3612 of Caleb H1121 the son H3312 of Jephunneh: H5900 Iru, H425 Elah, H5277 and Naam; H1121 and the sons H425 of Elah; H7073 and Kenaz.
  16 H1121 The sons H3094 of Jehallelel: H2128 Ziph, H2129 and Ziphah, H8493 Tiria, H840 and Asarel.
  17 H1121 The sons H5834 of Ezrah: H3500 Jether, H4778 and Mered, H6081 and Epher, H3210 and Jalon; H2029 and she bore H4813 Miriam, H8060 and Shammai, H3431 and Ishbah H1 the father H851 of Eshtemoa.
  18 H802 His wife H3057 the Jewess H3205 bore H3382 Jered H1 the father H1446 of Gedor, H2268 and Heber H1 the father H7755 of Soco, H3354 and Jekuthiel H1 the father H2182 of Zanoah. H1121 These are the sons H1332 of Bithiah H1323 the daughter H6547 of Pharaoh, H4778 whom Mered H3947 took.
  19 H1121 The sons H802 of the wife H1940 of Hodiah, H269 the sister H5163 of Naham, H1 were the father H7084 of Keilah H1636 the Garmite, H851 and Eshtemoa H4602 the Maacathite.
  20 H1121 The sons H7889 of Shimon: H550 Amnon, H7441 and Rinnah, H1135 Ben Hanan, H8436 and Tilon. H1121 The sons H3469 of Ishi: H2105 Zoheth, H2105 and Ben Zoheth.
  21 H1121 The sons H7956 of Shelah H1121 the son H3063 of Judah: H6147 Er H1 the father H3922 of Lecah, H3935 and Laadah H1 the father H4762 of Mareshah, H4940 and the families H1004 of the house H5656 of those who worked H948 fine linen, H1004 of the house H791 of Ashbea;
  22 H3137 and Jokim, H582 and the men H3578 of Cozeba, H3101 and Joash, H8315 and Saraph, H1166 who had dominion H4124 in Moab, H3433 and Jashubilehem. H1697 The records H6267 are ancient.
  23 H3335 These were the potters, H3427 and the inhabitants H5196 of Netaim H1448 and Gederah: H3427 there they lived H4428 with the king H4399 for his work.
  24 H1121 The sons H8095 of Simeon: H5241 Nemuel, H3226 and Jamin, H3402 Jarib, H2226 Zerah, H7586 Shaul;
  25 H7967 Shallum H1121 his son, H4017 Mibsam H1121 his son, H4927 Mishma H1121 his son.
  26 H1121 The sons H4927 of Mishma: H2536 Hammuel H1121 his son, H2139 Zaccur H1121 his son, H8096 Shimei H1121 his son.
  27 H8096 Shimei H8337 had sixteen H1121 sons H8337 and six H1323 daughters; H251 but his brothers H7227 didn't have many H1121 children, H4940 neither did all their family H7235 multiply H1121 like the children H3063 of Judah.
  28 H3427 They lived H884 at Beersheba, H4137 and Moladah, H2705 and Hazarshual,
  29 H1090 and at Bilhah, H6107 and at Ezem, H8434 and at Tolad,
  30 H1328 and at Bethuel, H2767 and at Hormah, H6860 and at Ziklag,
  31 H1024 and at Beth Marcaboth, H2702 and Hazar Susim, H1011 and at Beth Biri, H8189 and at Shaaraim. H5892 These were their cities H4427 to the reign H1732 of David.
  32 H2691 Their villages H5862 were Etam, H5871 and Ain, H7417 Rimmon, H8507 and Tochen, H6228 and Ashan, H2568 five H5892 cities;
  33 H2691 and all their villages H5439 that were around H5892 the same cities, H1168 to Baal. H4186 These were their habitations, H3187 and they have their genealogy.
  34 H4877 Meshobab, H3230 and Jamlech, H3144 and Joshah H1121 the son H558 of Amaziah,
  35 H3100 and Joel, H3058 and Jehu H1121 the son H3143 of Joshibiah, H1121 the son H8304 of Seraiah, H1121 the son H6221 of Asiel,
  36 H454 and Elioenai, H3291 and Jaakobah, H3439 and Jeshohaiah, H6222 and Asaiah, H5717 and Adiel, H3450 and Jesimiel, H1141 and Benaiah,
  37 H2124 and Ziza H1121 the son H8230 of Shiphi, H1121 the son H438 of Allon, H1121 the son H3042 of Jedaiah, H1121 the son H8113 of Shimri, H1121 the son H8098 of Shemaiah—
  38 H935 these mentioned H8034 by name H5387 were princes H4940 in their families: H1 and their fathers' H1004 houses H6555 increased H7230 greatly.
  39 H3212 They went H3996 to the entrance H1446 of Gedor, H4217 even to the east side H1516 of the valley, H1245 to seek H4829 pasture H6629 for their flocks.
  40 H4672 They found H8082 fat H4829 pasture H2896 and good, H776 and the land H7342 was wide, H8252 and quiet, H7961 and peaceable; H3427 for those who lived H6440 there before H2526 were of Ham.
  41 H3789 These written H8034 by name H935 came H3117 in the days H3169 of Hezekiah H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H5221 and struck H168 their tents, H4583 and the Meunim H4672 who were found H2763 there, and destroyed H3117 them utterly to this day, H3427 and lived H4829 in their place; because there was pasture H6629 there for their flocks.
  42 H1121 Some of them, even of the sons H8095 of Simeon, H2568 five H3967 hundred H582 men, H1980 went H2022 to Mount H8165 Seir, H7218 having for their captains H6410 Pelatiah, H5294 and Neariah, H7509 and Rephaiah, H5816 and Uzziel, H1121 the sons H3469 of Ishi.
  43 H5221 They struck H7611 the remnant H6002 of the Amalekites H6413 who escaped, H3427 and have lived H3117 there to this day.