Numbers 25:7-12

Tyndale(i) 7 And when Phineas the sonne of Eleazer the sonne of Aaro the preast sawe it he rose vp out of the companye and toke a wepon in his hande 8 and wet after the man of Israel in to the horehousse and thrust them thorow: both the man of Israel and also the woman euen thorow the belye of hir. And the plage ceased from the childern of Israel. 9 And there dyed in the plage. xxiiij. thousande. 10 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge: 11 Phineas the sonne of Eleazer the sonne of Aaron the preast hath turned myne anger awaye from the childern of Israel because he was gelous for my sake amonge them that I had not cosumed the childern of Israel in my gelousye. 12 Wherfore saye: beholde I geue vnto him my couenaunte of pease