Leviticus 7

Tyndale(i) 1 This is the lawe of the trespaceofferynge which is most holy. 2 In the place where the burntoffrynge is kylled, the trespaceoffrynge shalbe kylled also: ad his bloude shalbe sprikled rounde aboute apon the alter. 3 And all the fatt thereof shalbe offered: the rompe and the fatt that couered the inwardes, 4 and the .ij. kydneyes with the fatt that lyeth on them and apon the loynes: and the kall on the lyuer shalbe taken awaye with the kydneyes, 5 And the preast shall burne them apon the altare, to be an offerynge vnto the Lorde: this is a trespaceofferynge. 6 All the males amonge the preastes shal eate thereof in the holy place, for it is most holy. 7 As the synneofferynge is, so is the trespaceofferynge, one lawe serueth for both: and it shall be the preastes that reconcyleth therewith. 8 And the preast that offered a mans burntofferynge, shall haue the skyn of the burntofferynge which he hath offered. 9 And all the meatofferynges that are baken in the ouen, ad all that is dressed apon the gredyerne ad in the fryenge pan, shalbe the preastes that offereth them. 10 And all the meatofferynges that are myngled with oyle or drye, shall pertayne vnto all the sonnes of Aaron, and one shall haue as moche as another. 11 This is the lawe of the peaceoffringes whiche shalbe offered vnto the Lorde. 12 Yf he offer to geue thanckes, he shall brynge vnto his thanckofferynge: swete cakes myngled with oyle and swete wafers anoynted with oyle, and cakes myngled with oyle of fine floure fryed, 13 ad he shall brynge his offerynge apon cakes made of leuended bred vnto the thanckoffrynge of his peaceofferynges, 14 ad of them all he shall offer one to be an heueoffrynge vnto the Lorde, ad it shalbe the preastes that sprynkleth the bloude of the peaceofferynges. 15 And the fleshe of the thankofferynge of his peaceofferynges shalbe eaten the same daye that it is offred, and there shall none of it be layde vpp vntyll the mornynge. 16 Yf it be a vowe or a fre willofferynge that he bryngeth, the same daye that he offereth it, it shalbe eaten, and that which remayneth may be eaten on the morowe: 17 but as moche of the offered flesh as remaneth vnto the thirde daye shalbe burned with fire. 18 For yf any of the flesh of the peaceoffrynges be eaten the thirde daye then shall he that offered it optayne no fauour, nether shall it be rekened vnto him: but shalbe an abhomynacion, and the soule that eateth of it shall beare the synne thereof. 19 The flesh that twycheth any vnclene thinge shall not be eaten. but burnt with fire: and all that be clene in their flesh, maye eate flesh. 20 Yf any soule eate of the flesh of the peaceofferynges, that pertayne vnto the Lorde and hys vnclennesse yet apon him, the same soule shall perisshe from amonge his peoole. 21 Moreouer yf a soule twych any vnclene thinge, whether it be the vnclennesse of man or of any vnclene beest or any abhominacion that is vnclene: ad the eate of the flesh of the peaceoffrynges whiche pertayne vnto the Lord, that soule shall perissh from his people. 22 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge: 23 speake vnto the childern of Israel ad saye. Ye shall eate no maner fatt of oxen, shepe or gootes: 24 neuerthelater the fatt of the beest that dyeth alone ad the fatt of that which is torne with wilde beestes, maye be occupide in all maner vses: but ye shal in no wise eate of it. 25 For whosoeuer eateth the fatt of the beest of which me bring an offring vnto the Lorde, that soule that eateth it shall perissh fro his people. 26 Moreouer ye shall eate no maner of bloud, wheresoeuer ye dwell, whether it be of foule or of beest. 27 What soeuer soule it be that eateth any maner of bloude the same soule shal perisshe fro his people. 28 And the Lorde talked with Moses sayenge: 29 speake vnto the childre of Israel ad saye He that offereth his peaceofferynge vnto the Lord, shall bringe his gifte vnto the Lord of his peaceoffrynges: 30 his owne handes shal bringe the offrynge of the Lorde: eue the fatt apo the brest he shall bringe with the brest to waue it a waueoffrynge before the Lorde. 31 And the preast shall burne the fatt apon the alter, ad the brest shalbe Aaros ad his sonnes. 32 And the right shulder they shall geue vnto the preast, to be an heueoffrynge, of their peaceoffringes. 33 And the same that offreth the bloud of the peaceoffringes ad the fatt, amog the sones of Aaro, shall haue the right shulder vnto his parte, 34 for the wauebrest ad the heueshulder I haue take of the childern of Israel, euen of their peaceoffringes, ad haue geue it vnto Aaro the prest and vnto his sonnes: to be a dutie for euer of the childern of Israel. 35 This is the anoyntinge of Aaron ad of the sacryfices of the Lorde, in the daye when they were offered to be preastes vnto the Lorde, 36 whiche the Lorde commaunded to be geuen them in the daye when he anoynted them, of the childern of Israel, and to be a dutie for euer amonge their generacions. 37 This is the lawe of burntoffrynges, of meatoffrynges, of synneoffrynges, of trespaceoffrynges, of fulloffrynges, of peaceoffrynges, 38 which the Lorde commaunded Moses in the mount of Sinai, in the daye when he commaunded the childern of Israel to offer their offrynges vnto the Lorde in the wildernesse of Sinai.