Deuteronomy 12:29-32

Tyndale(i) 29 When the Lorde thy God hath destroyed the nacions before the, whother thou goest to conquere them, and when thou hast conquered them, and dwelt in their landes: 30 Bewarre that thou be not taken in a snare after the, after that they be destroyed before the, and that thou axenot after their goddes saynge: how dyd these nacyons serue their goddes, that I maye doo so likewyse? 31 Nay, thou shalt not doo so vnto the Lorde thy God: for all abhominacyons which the Lorde hated dyd they vnto their goddes. For they burnt both their sonnes ad their doughters with fire vnto their goddes. 32 But what soeuer I commaunde you that take hede ye do: ad put nought thereto, nor take ought there from.