Acts 4:8-13

Tyndale(i) 8 Then Peter full of ye holy goost sayd vnto them: ye rulars of the people and elders of Israel 9 yf we this daye are examined of the good dede done to the sycke man by what meanes he is made whoale: 10 be yt knowen vnto you all and to the people of Israel that in the name of Iesus Christ of Nazareth whom ye crucified and whom God raysed agayne from deeth: even by him doth this man stonde here present before you whoale. 11 This is ye stone cast a syde of you bylders which is set in the chefe place of the corner. 12 Nether is ther salvacio in eny other. Nor yet also is ther eny other name geven to men wherin we must be saved. 13 When they sawe the boldnes of Peter and Iohn and vnderstode that they were vnlerned men and laye people they marveyled and they knew them that they were with Iesu: