Acts 23:1-11

Tyndale(i) 1 Paul behelde the counsell and sayde: men and brethre I have lived in all good coscience before God vntill this daye. 2 The hye prest Ananias comaunded the that stode by to smyte him on the mouth. 3 Then sayde Paul to him: God smyte the thou payntyd wall. Sittest thou and iudgest me after the lawe: and commaundest me to be smytten contrary to the lawe? 4 And they that stode by sayde: revylest thou Goddes hye preste? 5 Then sayd Paul: I wist not brethren that he was the hye preste. For it is writte thou shalt not curse the rular of thy people. 6 When Paul perceaved that the one parte were Saduces and the other Pharises: he cryed oute in the counsell. Men and brethren I am a Pharisaye the sonne of a Pharisaye. Of the hope and resurreccion fro deeth I am iudged. 7 And when he had so sayde ther arose a debate bitwene the Pharisayes and ye Saduces and the multitude was devided. 8 For ye Saduces saye that ther is no resurreccio nether angell nor sprete. But the Pharisayes graunt bothe. 9 And ther arose a great crye and the Scribes which were of the Pharisayes parte arose and strove sayinge: we fynde none evyll in this man. Though a sprete or an angell hath apered to him let vs not stryve agaynst God. 10 And when ther arose greate debate the captayne fearynge lest Paul shuld have bene pluckt asondre of them comaunded the soudiers to goo doune and to take him from amonge them and to bringe him into the castle. 11 The nyght folowyng God stode by him and sayde: Be of good cheare Paul: for as thou hast testified of me in Ierusalem so must thou beare witnes at Rome.