Galatians 5:20

Tyndale(i) 20 ydolatrye witchecraft hatred variaunce zele wrath stryfe sedicion sectes envyinge murther dronkenes glottony and soche lyke: of the which I tell you before as I have tolde you in tyme past that they which comit soche thinges shall not inherite ye kyngdome of God.
Coverdale(i) 20 Idolatrye, witchcraft, hatred, variaunce, zele, wrath, stryfe, sedicion, sectes,
Matthew(i) 20 Idolatrye wytchecrafte, hatred, varyaunce, zele, wrathe stryfe, sedityon, sectes,
Great(i) 20 worshypping of ymages, witchcraft, hatred, variaunce, zele, wrathe, stryfe, sedicyons, sectes,
Bishops(i) 20 Worshippyng of images, witchcrafte, hatred, variaunce, zeale, wrath, strife, seditions, sectes