Song of Songs 8

Thomson(i) 1 that thou, my dear brother, hadst sucked the breasts of my mother; meeting thee abroad I could kiss thee and not be despised; 2 I could take thee and conduct thee to my mother's house: and to the inmost apartment of her who conceived me, I could cause thee to drink spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranates; 3 his left hand might be under my head and his right embrace me. 4 I have charged you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the powers and virtues of the field; that you stir not up nor awake my love till she please. 5 Who is this coming up cloathed in white leaning on her beloved? Under a citron tree I awaked thee. It was there thy mother bare thee. There she who brought thee forth suffered the pangs of childbirth. 6 set me as a seal on thy heart as a seal on thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy inflexible as Hades: its wings are wings of fire its flames; 7 Much water cannot quench love; nor can floods drown it. Though a man give all his substance for love, he may be thoroughly despised. 8 Our sister is little and hath no breasts. What can we do for our sister on the day when she shall be demanded in marriage. 9 If she be a wall we will build on her silver turrets, and if she be a door we will line her with boards of cedar. 10 I am a wall and my breasts are turrets. I was in their view as one who had found favour. 11 Solomon had a vineyard at Beelamon, he let this vineyard of his to tenants, a man is to give him a thousand pieces of silver for its fruit. 12 My vineyard which is before me shall continue to be mine. Solomon shall have the thousand pieces of silver, and they who take care of its fruits, two hundred. 13 Thou who art sitting in the gardens, companions are waiting thy voice. Let me hear it; 14 Away, my dear brother, and be like a roe; or a young hart on the mountains of spices.