Psalms 148

Thomson(i) 1 An Alleluia of Aggaius and Zacharias. Praise the Lord, ye of the heavens: praise him, ye in the highest. 2 Praise him all ye his angels: praise him all ye his hosts. 3 Sun and moon! Praise him: praise him all ye stars and light. 4 Praise him ye heavens of heavens: and thou water under the heavens! 5 let them praise the name of the Lord; for he spake and they were produced: he commanded and they were created. 6 He established them forever and ever: he made a decree and it shall not pass away. 7 Praise the Lord ye of the earth! dragons and all deeps! 8 Fire, hail, snow, ice, tempestuous wind, which execute his commands! 9 Mountains, and all hills! fruit trees and all cedars! 10 wild beasts and all cattle! creeping things and winged fowls! 11 Kings of the earth, and all peoples! chiefs and all judges of the earth! 12 youths and virgins! elders with them of younger years! 13 let them praise the name of the Lord; for his name alone is exalted. To him belongeth thanksgiving, on earth and in heaven. 14 When he shall exalt the horn of his people, let there be a song of praise among all his saints; among the children of Israel; a people who draw near to him.