Psalms 109

Thomson(i) 1 For the conclusion. A Psalm by David. GOD, pass not by my praise in silence: 2 for against me the mouth of a sinner; and the mouth of the deceitful is opened. They have spoken against me with a deceitful tongue. 3 With words of hatred they encompassed me about; and fought against me without provocation. 4 They traduced me for my love; but I prayed, 5 when they were rendering me evil for good, and hatred for my love. 6 "Set a sinner over him; and let an accuser stand at his right hand. 7 When he is judged let him be condemned; and let his supplication be deemed an offence. 8 Let his days be few; and let another take his office. 9 Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. 10 Let his sons be vagabonds and beg: let them be cast out from their dwellings. 11 Let an extortioner seize all that he hath; and strangers make spoil of his labours. 12 Let there be none to help him; nor any to compassionate his orphan children. 13 Let his children be for destruction; In one generation let his name be blotted out. 14 Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the Lord; and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out. 15 Let them be continually before the Lord. And let the memorial of them be cut off from the earth: 16 because he did not remember to shew mercy; but persecuted a man needy and afflicted: to put to death one who was broken hearted. 17 As he loved cursing, let it come on him: as he delighted not in blessing let it be far from him. 18 As he clothed himself with cursing as with a mantle; and it came like water in his bowels; and like oil into his bones: 19 let it be to him as the mantle which covereth him: and as the girdle with which he is continually girded." 20 From the Lord is this work of them who traduce me: and of them who speak evil against my soul. 21 Do thou, Lord, Lord, deal with me for thy name's sake: for thy mercy is good. Deliver me, 22 for I am afflicted and needy; and my heart is troubled within me. 23 Like a declining shadow I have glided away; I have been shaken off like locusts. 24 My knees are weakened by fasting; and my flesh is changed for want of oil. 25 As for me, I became their scoff; they beheld me; they shaked their heads. 26 Help me, Lord, my God: and save me according to thy mercy. 27 Let them know that this is thy hand; and that thou; Lord hast done this. 28 Let them curse, thou indeed wilt bless. Let them who rise up against me be put to shame: but let thy servant be made glad. 29 Let them who traduce me, be clothed with shame: let them be covered with their shame as with a mantle. 30 With my mouth I will greatly thank the Lord; and praise him in the midst of many: 31 because he stood at the right of the needy: to save from them who seek my life.