Nehemiah 8:14-17

Thomson(i) 14 they found it written in the law which the Lord had given in charge to Moses, That the Israelites should dwell in booths at the festival in the seventh month, 15 and that they should sound trumpets in all their cities and in Jerusalem. Whereupon Esdras said, Go out to the mountains and bring in olive branches, and branches of cypress trees and myrtle branches and palm branches, and the branches of every bushy tree to make booths according to what is written. 16 Accordingly the people went out and brought them, and made for themselves booths, every man on his house top, and in their court yards, and in the courts of the house of God, and in the streets of the city, even to the gate of Ephraim. 17 And when all the congregation; all who had returned from captivity, had made themselves booths and sat therein, because the Israelites had not done so from the days of Joshua son of Nave even to that day, the joy was great.