Leviticus 22:19-25

Thomson(i) 19 must, in order to be accepted for you, be males without blemish, from the herd, or from the sheep, or from the goats. 20 What hath any blemish in it they shall not bring to the Lord; for it will not be accepted for you. 21 And whoever shall bring a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the Lord, either in discharge of a vow, or as a free will offering, or at your festivals, from the herd or from the flock, it must, in order to its being accepted, be without blemish. There must be no blemish in it. 22 That which is blind, or bruised, or which hath its tongue cut, or hath been eaten by ants, or is infected with scurvy or mange; these they shall not bring to the Lord, nor shall you give any such for an offering of homage on the altar to the Lord. 23 A young bull, or a sheep which hath its ear cropped, or its tail cut, these thou mayst slaughter for thyself; but in discharge of thy vow they will not be accepted. 24 What are castrated by crushing, bruising, cutting or extracting; these thou shalt not bring to the Lord, nor shall you make an offering of them in your land, 25 nor from the hand of a stranger bring any such forward as gifts for your God. Because there is a defect in them; a blemish in them; they will not be accepted for you.
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