Exodus 9:18-25

Thomson(i) 18 behold at this time to-morrow I will pour down a great storm of hail; such as hath never been in Egypt, from the day it was created even to this day. 19 Now therefore haste and gather in thy cattle and whatever thou hast in the field. For every man and beast, which shall be found in the fields and shall not have come home, on them the hail shall fall and they shall die. 20 Such of the attendants of Pharao as feared the Lord gathered their cattle into houses. 21 But such as paid no regard to the word of the Lord left their cattle in the fields. 22 Then the Lord said to Moses, Stretch forth thy hand towards heaven, and there shall be hail on all the land of Egypt, both on man and beast and on every herb which is on the ground. 23 And Moses stretched forth his hand towards heaven and the Lord sent thunder and hail, and the fire streamed along the ground. And the Lord poured down a storm of hail on all the land of Egypt. 24 And there was hail, with flaming fire among the hail. And the hail storm was excessively great such as had never been in Egypt from the day there was a nation in it. 25 And throughout all the land of Egypt the hail smote both man and beast. The hail also smote every herb of the field and broke to pieces all the trees in the fields.