Exodus 26:15-29

Thomson(i) 15 Thou shalt also make pilasters for the tabernacle of incorruptible wood. 16 Thou shalt make each pilaster ten cubits long and a cubit and a half broad 17 with two rabbets to each pilaster to fit the pilasters one to another. In this manner thou shalt make all the pilasters of the tabernacle. 18 And thou shalt make the pilasters for the tabernacle twenty pilasters for the north side; 19 and for these twenty pilasters thou shalt make forty bases of silver, two for each pilaster, for both the ends thereof: 20 And for the other side towards the south, twenty pilasters 21 with their forty bases of silver, two for each pilaster for both the ends thereof: 22 and for the end of the tabernacle which is towards the west thou shalt make six pilasters; 23 and at the corners of the tabernacle out of the hinder ends thou shalt make two pilasters and the side on the end shall be of the same piece and as wide as the other side; 24 both sides shall be equal from the corner to the first joint. That thou mayst do this at both corners the corner pilasters must have equal sides. 25 So there will be eight pilasters and their bases of silver sixteen, two for each pilaster for the two ends thereof. 26 And thou shalt make bars of incorruptible wood; five for one range of pilasters on one side of the tabernacle, 27 and five bars for the other range of pilasters on the other side of the tabernacle; and five for the end of the tabernacle facing the west. 28 And let the bar which is along the middle of the ranges of pilasters reach from one corner to the other. 29 And thou shalt overlay the pilasters with gold. And thou shalt make rings of gold into which thou shalt put the bars; and thou shalt overlay the bars with gold.