Acts 9:26

  26 G3854 (G5637) V-2ADP-NSM παραγενομενος G1161 CONJ δε G3588 T-NSM ο G4569 N-NSM σαυλος G1519 PREP εις G2419 N-PRI ιερουσαλημ G3987 (G5711) V-INI-3S επειρατο G2853 (G5745) V-PPN κολλασθαι G3588 T-DPM τοις G3101 N-DPM μαθηταις G2532 CONJ και G3956 A-NPM παντες G5399 (G5711) V-INI-3P εφοβουντο G846 P-ASM αυτον G3361 PRT-N μη G4100 (G5723) V-PAP-NPM πιστευοντες G3754 CONJ οτι G1510 (G5748) V-PXI-3S εστιν G3101 N-NSM μαθητης
ERV(i) 26 And when he was come to Jerusalem, he assayed to join himself to the disciples: and they were all afraid of him, not believing that he was a disciple.
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