2 Corinthians 9:4

  4 G3381 CONJ μηπως G1437 COND εαν G2064 (G5632) V-2AAS-3P ελθωσιν G4862 PREP συν G1698 P-1DS εμοι G3110 N-NPM μακεδονες G2532 CONJ και G2147 (G5632) V-2AAS-3P ευρωσιν G5209 P-2AP υμας G532 A-APM απαρασκευαστους G2617 (G5686) V-APS-1P καταισχυνθωμεν G2249 P-1NP ημεις G2443 CONJ ινα G3361 PRT-N μη G3004 (G5725) V-PAS-1P λεγωμεν G5210 P-2NP υμεις G1722 PREP εν G3588 T-DSF τη G5287 N-DSF υποστασει G3778 D-DSF ταυτη G3588 T-GSF της G2746 N-GSF καυχησεως
ERV(i) 4 lest by any means, if there come with me any of Macedonia, and find you unprepared, we (that we say not, ye) should be put to shame in this confidence.