2 Corinthians 12:20

  20 G5399 (G5736) V-PNI-1S φοβουμαι G1063 CONJ γαρ G3381 CONJ μηπως G2064 (G5631) V-2AAP-NSM ελθων G3756 PRT-N ουχ G3634 K-APN οιους G2309 (G5719) V-PAI-1S θελω G2147 (G5632) V-2AAS-1S ευρω G5209 P-2AP υμας G2504 P-1NS-C καγω G2147 (G5686) V-APS-1S ευρεθω G5213 P-2DP υμιν G3634 K-ASM οιον G3756 PRT-N ου G2309 (G5719) V-PAI-2P θελετε G3381 CONJ μηπως G2054 N-NPF ερεις G2205 N-NPM ζηλοι G2372 N-NPM θυμοι G2052 N-NPF εριθειαι G2636 N-NPF καταλαλιαι G5587 N-NPM ψιθυρισμοι G5450 N-NPF φυσιωσεις G181 N-NPF ακαταστασιαι
ERV(i) 20 For I fear, lest by any means, when I come, I should find you not such as I would, and should myself be found of you such as ye would not; lest by any means [there should be] strife, jealousy, wraths, factions, backbitings, whisperings, swellings, tumults;