Matthew 21:15-32

Rotherham(i) 15 But the Chief-priests and the Scribes, seeing, the marvels that he wrought, and the boys who were crying aloud in the temple, and saying, Hosanna to the Son of David! were greatly displeased; 16 and said unto him—Hearest thou what these are saying? And, Jesus, saith unto them—Yea: Have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, hast thou prepared praise? 17 And, leaving them behind, he went forth outside the city into Bethany, and spent the night there. 18 And, early, returning into the city, he hungered; 19 and, seeing one fig-tree by the way, he came up to it, and nothing, found he thereon, save leaves only,—and he saith unto it—No more, from thee, let fruit spring forth, unto times age-abiding,—and the fig-tree, instantly withered away. 20 And the disciples, seeing it, marvelled, saying—How instantly, did the fig-tree wither away. 21 And Jesus, answering, said unto them—Verily, I say unto you, If ye have faith, and do not doubt, not only, this of the fig-tree, shall ye do,—but, even if, unto this mountain, ye shall say, Be lifted up, and be cast into the sea, it shall be done. 22 And, all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. 23 And, when he, entered, the temple, the Chief-priests and the Elders of the people, came unto him as he was teaching, saying, By what authority, these things, art thou doing? and, who, to thee, gave, this authority? 24 And, making answer, Jesus said unto them—I also, will ask, you, one thing,—which if ye tell me, I also, will tell, you, by what authority, these things, I am doing:— 25 The immersion by John, whence was it? Of heaven, or of men? But, they, began to deliberate among themselves, saying—If we say, Of heaven; He will say unto us, Wherefore then did ye not believe him? 26 But, if we say, Of men, we fear the multitude, for, all, as a prophet, are holding John. 27 And, making answer to Jesus, they said—We know not. He also, said unto them—Neither do, I, tell, you, by what authority, these things, I am doing. 28 But how, to you, doth it seem? A man, had two sons: coming unto the first, he said, Son! go thy way, to-day, be working in the vineyard. 29 And, he, answering, said, I, sir! and went not; 30 And, coming unto the second, he spake, in like manner,—and, he, answering, said, I will not: afterwards, smitten with regret, he went. 31 Which of the two, did the will of the father? They say, The latter. Jesus saith unto them—Verily, I say unto you, the tax-collectors and the harlots, are going before you, into the kingdom of God; 32 For John came unto you, in a way of righteousness, and ye believed him not,—but, the tax-collectors and the harlots, believed him; and, ye, seeing it, were not even smitten with regret, afterwards, so as to believe him.