Matthew 27:39-44

Rotherham(i) 39 And, they who were passing by, were reviling him, shaking their heads, 40 and saying—The man that taketh down the Temple and in three days buildeth it! Save, thyself! If thou art God’s, Son, come down from the cross. 41 Likewise, the High-priests, [also], mocking, with the Scribes and Elders, were saying: Others, he saved,—Himself, he cannot save: 42 Israel’s King, he is! Let him come down, now, from the cross,—and we will believe on him! 43 He hath put confidence upon God, Let him rescue him, now, if he desireth him; for he said, I am, God’s Son. 44 And, the same thing, the robbers also, who were crucified with him, were casting in his teeth.