Mark 7:1-23

Rotherham(i) 1 And the Pharisees and certain of the Scribes who have come from Jerusalem gather themselves together unto him; 2 and, observing certain of his disciples, that, with defiled hands, that is unwashed, they are eating bread,—— 3 For, the Pharisees, and all the Jews, unless with care they wash their hands, eat not, holding fast the tradition of the elders; 4 and coming from market, unless they sprinkle themselves, they eat not,—and, many other things, there are, which they have accepted to hold fast—immersions of cups and measures and copper vessels—— 5 and so the Pharisees and the Scribes, question, him—For what cause do thy disciples not walk according to the tradition of the elders, but, with defiled hands, eat bread? 6 But, he, said unto them—Well, prophesied Isaiah concerning you, ye hypocrites, as it is written—This people, with the lips do honour me, while, their heart, far off, holdeth from me,— 7 But, in vain, do they pay devotions unto me, teaching for teachings, the commandments of men; 8 Having, dismissed, the commandment, of God, ye, hold fast, the tradition, of men. 9 And he was saying to them—Well, do ye set aside the commandment of God, that, your own tradition, ye may observe; 10 For, Moses, said—Honour thy father and thy mother, and—He that revileth father or mother, let him, surely die,— 11 But, ye, say—If a man shall say to his father or his mother, Korban! that is, A gift, whatsoever, out of me, thou mightest be profited, 12 no longer, do ye suffer him to do, aught, for his father or his mother,— 13 cancelling the word of God by your tradition which ye have delivered. And, many such similar things, are ye doing! 14 And, again calling near the multitude, he was saying unto them—Hearken to me, all! and understand: 15 Nothing, is there, from without the man, entering into him, which can defile him; but, the things which, out of the man, come forth, are the things that defile the man. 16 17 And, when he entered into a house from the multitudes, his disciples began to question him as to the parable; 18 And he saith unto them—Thus, are, ye also, without discernment? Perceive ye not that, nothing, from without, entering into the man, can defile him; 19 because it entereth not into his heart, but into his stomach, and, into the draught, is passed—purifying all foods? 20 And he was saying—That which, out of the man, cometh forth, that, defileth the man; 21 For, from within, out of the heart of men, the base designs, come forth,—fornications, thefts, 22 murders, adulteries, covetousnesses, knaveries, deceit, wantonness, an evil eye, profane speaking, foolishness,— 23 all these wicked things, from within, come forth, and defile, the man.