Luke 20:10-14

Rotherham(i) 10 And, in due season, he sent unto the husbandmen, a servant, that, of the fruit of the vineyard, they might give him; but, the husbandmen, having beaten him, sent him away empty. 11 And he, further, sent another servant; but, they, beating, that one also, and dishonouring him, sent him away, empty. 12 And he, further, sent, a third; but, they, bruising, this one also, thrust him out. 13 And the lord of the vineyard said—What shall I do? I will send my son, the beloved,—It may be, that, him, they will respect. 14 But he husbandmen, seeing him, began to deliberate one with another, saying—This, is, the heir: Let us slay him, that, ours, may be, the inheritance.