Isaiah 53:1-7

Rotherham(i) 1 Who believed what we have heard? And, the arm of Yahweh, to whom was it revealed? 2 When he came up as a sapling before him. And as a root-sprout out of dry ground, He had neither beauty nor majesty,—When we beheld him, there was nothing to behold, that we should desire him; 3 Despised was he, and forsaken of men, Man of pains and familiar with sickness,—Yea, like one from whom the face is hidden, Despised, and we esteemed him not. 4 Yet surely, our sicknesses, he, carried, And, as for our pains, he bare the burden of them,—But, we, accounted him stricken. Smitten of God and humbled, 5 Yet, he, was pierced for transgressions that were ours, was crushed for iniquities that were ours,—the chastisement for our well-being, was upon him, And by his stripes, there is healing for us. 6 We all, like sheep, had gone astray, Every man—to his way, had we burned,—And Yahweh! caused to light upon him The guilt of, us all! 7 Hard pressed—yet, he, humbled himself Nor opened his mouth—As, a lamb, to the slaughter, is led, And, as a sheep, before her shearers, is dumb—Nor opened his mouth.