Isaiah 31:1-3

Rotherham(i) 1 Alas! for them who are going down to Egypt for help, On horses, would rely,—And have trusted—In chariots—because they are many, and In horsemen, because they are very bold, But have not looked unto the Holy One of Israel, And onto Yahweh, have not sought. 2 But, he also, is wise, and hath brought in calamity, And his own words, hath he not set aside,—Therefore will he rise up, Against the house of evil-doers, and Against the help of the workers of iniquity. 3 Now, the Egyptians, are, men, and not, GOD, And their horses, flesh, and not, spirit; When, Yahweh, shall stretch out his hand, Then I he that is giving help, shall stumble And I he that is receiving help shall fall, And together, shall all of them vanish!