Galatians 3:22-29

Rotherham(i) 22 But the Scripture, did shut up, all things, under sin, that, the promise by faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to them who have faith, 23 Before the coming of the faith, however, under law, were we being kept in ward, being shut up unto the faith which should afterwards, be revealed. 24 So that, the law, hath proved, our tutor, training us, for Christ, in order that, by faith, we might be declared righteous; 25 But, the faith having come, no longer, are we, under a tutor; –– 26 For ye, all, are, sons of God, through the faith in Christ Jesus; 27 For ye, as many as, into Christ, have been immersed, have put Christ, on: 28 There cannot be Jew or Greek, there cannot be bond or free, there cannot be male and female, for, all ye, are one, in Christ Jesus: 29 Now, if, ye, are of Christ, by consequence ye are, Abraham’s seed, according to promise, heirs.