Ezekiel 9:1-5

Rotherham(i) 1 Then cried he in mine ears with a loud voice, saying, Draw near ye that have charge of the city,-even every man with his weapon of destruction in his hand. 2 And lo! six men coming in out of the way of the upper gate which looketh toward the north even every man with his destructive weapon in his hand, and one man in their midst clothed with linen, having a scribes ink holder by his side,—so they came in and stood beside the altar of bronze. 3 And the glory of the God of Israel lifted itself up from off the cherub whereon it had been, unto the threshold of the house,—and he called unto the man clothed with linen, who had the scribes ink holder by his side. 4 Then said Yahweh unto him. Pass along through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem,—and set thou a mark upon the foreheads of the men who are sighing and crying over all the abominations that are being done in her midst. 5 But unto these, said he in mine ears, Pass along through the city after him and smite,—let not your eyes shield, neither have ye pity: