Ezekiel 38:18-23

Rotherham(i) 18 So then shall it come to pass in that day, In the day when Gog entereth upon the soil of Israel, Declareth My Lord Yahweh, That mine indignation shall come up into my nostrils; 19 Yea, in my jealousy, in the fire of mine outburst, have I spoken,- Surely in that day, shall there be a great trembling upon the so of Israel: 20 Then shall tremble before me The fishes of the sea, and The bird of the heavens and The wild beast of the field, and Every creeping thing that creepeth on the ground, and All the men we are on the face of the ground,— and The mountains is hall be torn asunder and The steep places I shall sink down I, and Every wall to the earth, shall be thrown. 21 Then will I call against him, every terror, Declareth My Lord Yahweh, the sword of every man against his brother, shall be; 22 Then will I contend with him by pestilence and by blood,- And an overflowing downpour and ha- stones fire and brimstone, will I rain Upon him, and Upon his hordes, and Upon the many peoples who are with him. 23 So will I Magnify myself and Hallow myself, and Make myself known. Before the eye of many nations,—And they shall know that I, am Yahweh.