Ezekiel 37:25-28

Rotherham(i) 25 And they shall dwell upon the land. which I gave to my servant- to Jacob, Wherein your fathers dwelt,— Yea they shall dwell thereupon. They, and their children and their children’s children Unto times age-abiding, And David my servant shall be prince unto them Unto times age-abiding. 26 And I will solemnise to them a covenant of prosperity, A covenant age-abiding, shall it be with them,— And I will place them. And multiply them, And set my sanctuary in the midst of them. Unto times age-abiding. 27 And my habitation shall be over them, And I will become their God,- And they, shall become my people, 28 So shall the nations know that I, Yahweh, am hallowing Israel,- When my sanctuary is in the midst of them Unto times age-abiding.