Ezekiel 1:5-11

Rotherham(i) 5 and out of the midst thereof, as burnished copper to look upon out of the midst of the fire; and out of the midst thereof, a likeness of four living ones, and this was their appearance, the likeness of a man, had they; 6 and four faces each, and four wings each, had they; 7 and their feet were straight feet,—and the sole of their feet was like the sole of the foot of a calf, but sparkling, as shining bronze to look upon; 8 and the hands of a man! were under their wings, on their four sides,—and their faces and their wings belonged to the four of them: 9 joined to each other, were their wings,—they turned not when they went, each one straight before him, did they go; 10 and the likeness of their faces was the face of a man, with the face of a lion to the right of the four of them, and the face of an ox on the left, of the four of them,—the face of an eagle, also had they four; 11 and their wings were spread above,— two of each joined one another, and two covered their bodies;