Ezekiel 16:28-34

Rotherham(i) 28 Thou didst also extend thine unchastity unto the sons of Assyria, because thou wast insatiable. Yet though thou didst behave unchastely with them, yet even so couldst thou not be satisfied, 29 Thou didst therefore cause thine unchaste ways to abound unto the land of Canaan as towards Chaldea. Yet even herewith, wast thou not satisfied. 30 How weak was thy heart! Exclaimeth My Lord Yahweh,— That thou couldst have done all these things, The doing of a lewd woman without shame: 31 That thou couldst have but thy brothel at the head of every road, And thy height, couldst have made in every broadway,- Yet becamest not as harlot to lay claim to a harlots hire. 32 A wife who committeth adultery, instead of her husband accepteth strangers. 33 To all harlots, they give a present, But thou, didst give thy presents to all thy lovers, And didst bribe them to come in unto thee from every side in thine unchastity! 34 And so there came about in thee, the reverse of women, in thine unchastity, In that they did not follow thee for purposes of lewdness,— And in that thou gavest a present when no present was given to thee So didst thou become the reverse.