Acts 4:23-28

Rotherham(i) 23 But, when they had been let go, they came unto their own [friends], and told as many things as, unto them, the High-priests and Elders, had said. 24 And, they, having heard, with one accord, uplifted voice unto God, and said—O Sovereign! Thou, art he that made the heaven, and the earth, and the sea, and all things that are herein: 25 Who, by our father, through means of the Holy Spirit, even by the mouth of David thy servant, said—Unto what end did nations rage, and, peoples, busy themselves with empty things? 26 The kings of the earth stationed themselves, and, the rulers, were gathered together, with one intent, against the Lord, and against his Christ. 27 For they were gathered together, of a truth, in this city, against thy holy servant Jesus, whom thou hadst anointed,—both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with them of the nations, and peoples of Israel;— 28 To do whatsoever, thy hand and thy counsel, marked out beforehand to come to pass.