1 Samuel 19:11-17

NSB(i) 11 Saul sent messengers to watch David’s house and kill him in the morning. Michal, David’s wife advised him: »If you do not save yourself tonight, you will be dead tomorrow!« 12 Michal lowered David through a window. He ran away to escape. 13 Then Michal took some idols, laid them in the bed, put a goat-hair blanket at its head, and covered the idols with a garment. 14 Saul sent messengers to get David. Michal said: »He is sick.« 15 Then Saul sent messengers to see David. They said: »Bring him up to me on his bed. I will put him to death.« 16 The messengers entered. There, on the bed was the household idol with the quilt of goats’ hair at its head. 17 Saul said to Michal: »Why have you deceived me like this? You let my enemy go. He has escaped!« Michal said to Saul: »He said to me: ‘Let me go! Why should I kill you?’«