1 Kings 11:26-37

NSB(i) 26 Jeroboam rebelled against the king. He was the son of Nebat, an Ephraimite from Zeredah, a servant of Solomon, whose mother was Zeruah, a widow. 27 This is how he rebelled: Solomon was building the Millo (supporting terraces) and making good the damaged parts of the town of his father David. 28 Jeroboam was a capable and responsible man. Solomon saw that he was a good worker and made him overseer of all the work given to the sons of Joseph. 29 When Jeroboam was going out of Jerusalem, the prophet Ahijah the Shilonite came across him on the road. Ahijah was wearing a new robe. They were by themselves in the open country. 30 Ahijah took his new robe in his hands and tore it into twelve pieces. 31 He said to Jeroboam: »Take ten of the parts, for this is what Jehovah said: ‘I will take the kingdom away from Solomon by force. I will give ten tribes to you. 32 »‘But one tribe will be his because of my servant David, and because of Jerusalem. Out of the tribes of Israel he will have the town I have made mine. 33 »‘I am going to do this because Solomon has rejected me and has worshiped foreign gods. Astarte, the goddess of Sidon; Chemosh, the god of Moab; and Molech, the god of Ammon. Solomon disobeyed me. He has done wrong! He has not obeyed my laws and commands as his father David did. 34 »‘I will not take the entire kingdom away from Solomon. I will keep him in power as long as he lives. This I will do for the sake of my servant David, whom I chose and who obeyed my laws and commands. 35 »‘I will take the kingdom away from Solomon's son and will give you ten tribes. 36 »‘I will let Solomon's son keep one tribe. That way I will always have a descendant of my servant David ruling in Jerusalem, the city I have chosen as the place where I am worshiped. 37 »‘Jeroboam, I will make you king of Israel. You will rule over all the territory that you want.