Psalms 2:1-6

Matthew(i) 1 VVhy do the Heathen grudge? why do the people ymagyne vayne thinges? 2 The kynges of the earth stande vp, and the rulers are come to gether, agaynste the Lorde and agaynste hys anoynted. 3 Let vs breake their hondes a sunder, and cast away their yock from vs. 4 Neuerthelesse he that dwelleth in heauen, shall laughe them to scorne: yea euen the Lorde hym selfe shall haue them in derysyon. 5 Then shal he speake vnto them in hys wrath, and vexe them in hys sore displeasure. 6 Yet haue I sette my kyng vpon my holy hyll of syon.