Psalms 111

Matthew(i) 1 Prayse the euerlastynge. I wyll geue thanckes vnto the Lorde wyth my whole herte: secretly amonge the faythful and in the congregacyon: 2 The worckes of the Lorde are greate, sought oute of all them, that haue pleasure therin. 3 Hys worcke is worthy to be praysed and had in honoure, and his rightuousnes endureth for euer. 4 The mercyfull and gracyous Lord hath so done his maruelous workes, that they ought to be had in remembraunce. 5 He geueth meat vnto them, that feare him he is euer myndfull of hys couenaunte. 6 He sheweth hys people the power of hys worckes, that he may geue them the herytage of the Heathen. 7 The worckes of his hands are veryte and iudgment, all hys commaundementes are true. 8 They stand fast for euer and euer, and are done in truth and equyte. 9 He sent redempcyon vnto hys people, he hath commaunded his couenaunte for euer, holy and reuerente is his name 10 The feare of the Lorde is the beginning of wysdome, a good vnderstandyng haue al they that do therafter: the prayse of it endureth for euer.