Matthew 2:3-8

Matthew(i) 3 When Herode the kinge had herde this, he was troubled, and al Ierusalem with him, 4 and he gathered al the chiefe priestes and scribes of the people, & axed of them where Christe shoulde be borne. 5 And they sayd vnto hym: at Bethleem in Iury. For thus it is wrytten by the prophete. 6 And thou Bethleem in the land of Iury, art not the least concerning the Princes of Iuda. For out of the shal come the captaine, that shall gouerne my people Israel. 7 Then Herode preuily called the wyse men, and diligently enquired of them, the tyme of the starre that apeared, 8 and sent them to Bethleem sayinge: Go and searche diligentlye for the childe. And when ye haue founde hym, bringe me worde, that I may come and worshyppe him also.