Leviticus 9

Matthew(i) 1 And the .viij. day Moses called Aaron and his sonnes, and the elders of Israel, 2 and said vnto Aaron, take a calfe for a synne offeryng, and a Ramme for a burntoffering: both without blemish, & bring them before the Lord. 3 And vnto the children of Israel he spake saying: take ye an he gote for a synne offering, & a calfe & a lambe both two of a yere olde, & wythout blemysh for a burnt sacrifice, 4 & an oxe & a ram for a peaceofferinges to offer before the lord, & a meatoffering mingled with oile, for to day the Lord wyll appeare vnto you. 5 And they broughte that which Moses commaunded to the tabernacle of witnes, & al the people came & stode before the Lorde. 6 And Moses said, thys is the thyng whych the Lord commaunded that ye should do, and then the glory of the Lord shal appeare vnto you. 7 And Moses said vnto Aaron: go vnto the alter & offer thy synne offeryng, & make an atonemente for the and for the people: and then offer the offeryng of the people, and reconcyle theym also, as the Lord commaunded Moses. 8 And Aaron went vnto the aulter, & slewe the calfe that was his sinne offring. 9 And the sonnes of Aaron broughte the bloude vnto hym, & he dypt hys fingers in the bloud and put it vpon the hornes of the alter, & poured the bloud vnto the bottome of the alter. 10 And the fatte & the two kydneys wyth the kall of the lyuer of the synneofferyng, he burnt vpon the aulter as the Lorde commaunded Moses: 11 but the fleshe & the hyde, he burnte with fyre wythout the hoste. 12 Afterwarde he slewe the burntoffering, & Aarons sonnes brought the bloud vnto hym, and he sprinkeled it rounde about vpon the aulter. 13 And they brought the burntofferyng vnto hym in peces & the head also, and he burnte it vpon the aulter, 14 & dyd washe the inwardes and the legges, & burnt them also vpon the burntoffering in the alter. 15 And then he brought the peoples offering & toke the goote that was the peoples synne offering, & slewe it & offered it for a sinne offering: as he dyd she fyrst. 16 And then brought the burnt offeryng, & offered it as the maner was, 17 & brought the meat offering & filled his hand therof, & burnt it vpon the alter, besyde the burnt sacrifice in the morninge. 18 Then he slewe the oxe & the ram that were the peoples peaceofferynges, & Aarons sonnes brought the bloud vnto hym, & he sprynkled it vpon the alter round aboute, 19 and toke the fatt of the oxe & of the ram: the rompe & the fatt that couereth the inwardes and the kidneyes & the cal of the liuer: 20 & put them vpon the breastes & burnt it vpon the alter: 21 but the breastes & the ryght shoulders Aaron waued before the Lord, as the Lorde commaunded Moses. 22 And Aaron lyft vp hys hand ouer the people & blessed them, and came down from offering of syn offeringes, burntofferings, & peace offerynges. 23 Then Moses & Aaron went into the tabernacle of wytnes and came out agayne and blessed the people, and the glory of the Lord appered vnto al the people. 24 And there came a fyre out from before the Lord, & consumed vpon the alter the burntofferyng and the fatt. And all the people sawe it, and showted, and fell on theyr faces.