Joel 1:16-20

Matthew(i) 16 Shall not the meates be taken awaye before oure eyes, the myrthe also & ioye from the house of oure God? 17 The sede shall peryshe in the grounde, the garners shal lye waste, the floures shalbe broken doune for the corne shalbe destroyed. 18 O what a fyghynge make the cattell? the bullockes are very euyll lykynge, because they haue no pasture: and the shepe are famyshed awaye. 19 O Lord, to the will I crye: for the fyre hath consumed the goodly pastures of the wildernesse, and the flamme hath brente vp all the trees of the felde. 20 Yea, the wylde beastes crye also vnto the: for the water ryuers are dryed vp and the fyre hath consumed the pastures of the wyldernes.