Ezekiel 33:11-20

Matthew(i) 11 Tell them: As trulye as I lyue, sayeth the Lorde God, I haue no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but moch rather that the wicked turne from his waye and lyue. Turne you, turne you from your vngodlye wayes, O ye of the house of Israell. Oh, wherfore wyll ye dye? 12 Thou sonne of man, tell the chyldren of thy people: The ryghtuousnes of the rightuous shall not saue hym, when soeuer he turneth awaye vnfaithfully: Agayne, the wickednesse of the wicked shal not hurt him, when soeuer he conuerteth from hys vngodlynesse. And the ryghtuousnesse of the ryghtuous shall not saue hys lyfe, when soeuer he synneth. 13 If I saye vnto the ryghtuous, that he shall surelye lyue, and so he trust to his owne ryghtuousnesse, and do synne: then shall hys ryghtuousnesse be no more thought vpon, but in the wyckednesse that he hath done he shall dye. 14 Agayne, yf I saye vnto the wycked: thou shalt surely dye: and so he turne from hys synnes, and do the thinge that is lawfull and ryght: 15 In so moch that the same wicked man geueth the pledge agayne, restoreth that he had taken awaye by robbery, walcketh in the commaundementes of lyfe, & doth no wronge: Then shall he surely lyue, and not dye. 16 Yee the synnes that he hath done shall neuer be thought vpon: For in so moch as he doth now the thinge that is lawfull and ryght, he shall lyue. 17 And yet the children of thy people saye: Tushe, the waye of the Lorde is not ryght, where as their owne waye is rather vnright. 18 When the rightuous turneth from his rightuousnesse, & doeth the thinge that is wycked, he shal dye therfore. 19 But yf the wycked turne from hys wyckednesse, doing the thinge that is lawfull & ryght, he shall lyue therfore. 20 Yet ye saye: the waye of the Lorde is not equall. O ye house of Israel, I wyll iudge euery one of you after his wayes.