Ezekiel 32

Matthew(i) 1 In the .xij. yeare, the fyrste day of the .xij. Moneth, the word of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge: 2 Thou sonne of man, take vp a lamentacyon vpon Pharao the kynge of Egypte, and saye vnto hym: Thou arte reputed as a Lyon of the Heathen, & as a whalfyshe in the sea. Thou castest thy waters about the, thou troublest the waters with thy fete, and stampest in theyr floudes. 3 Thus sayth the Lorde God: I wyll sprede my nette ouer the, namelye, a greate multytude of people: these shall dryue the into my yarne, 4 for I wyll caste the vpon the lande, and let the lye vpon the felde, that all the foules of the ayre maye syt vpon the: I wyll geue al the beastes of the felde ynoughe of the. 5 Thy flesh wyll I caste vpon the hylles, and fyl the valleyes wt thy hyghnesse. 6 I wyl water the land with the aboundaunce of thy bloude euen to the mountaynes, and the valleys shall be full of the. 7 When thou arte put oute, I wyll couer the heauen, and make hys starres dymme. I wyll sprede a cloude ouer the sunne, and the moone shall not geue her lyghte. 8 All the lyghtes of heauen wyll I put oute ouer the, and brynge darckenesse vpon thy lande, sayeth the Lorde God. 9 I will trouble the hertes of many people, when I brynge thy destruccyon amonge the Heathen & countrees, whom thou knowest not. 10 Yea I wyl make many people with their kynges so afrayed thorowe the, that theyr hearre shal stand vp, when I shake my sweard at theyr faces Sodenly shall they be astonnyed, euerye man in hym selfe, at the day of thy fall. 11 For thus sayeth the Lorde God: the kynge of Babylons swearde shall come vpon the, 12 with the sweardes of the worthyes wyll I smyte doune thy people. Al they that be mightye amonge the Gentyles, shall waste the proude pompe of Egypte, and brynge doune all her people. 13 All the cattell also of Egypte wyll I destroye, that they shall come no more vpon the waters: so that neyther mans fote, nor beastes clawe, shall stere them anye more. 14 Then wyll I make theyr waters cleare, and cause theyr floudes to runne lyke oyle, sayeth the Lorde God: 15 when I make the lande of Egypte desolate, and when the countre wyth al that is therin, shalbe layde waste: and when I smyte all them whiche dwell in it, that they maye knowe, that I am the Lorde. 16 Thys is the mournyng, that the doughters of the Heathen shall make: Yea a sorowe and lamentacyon shal they take vp, vpon Egypte and al her people, sayeth the Lorde God. 17 In the .xij. yeare, the .xv. daye of the Moneth, came the worde of the Lorde vnto me, sayinge: 18 Thou sonne of man. Take vp a lamentacyon vpon the people of Egypte, and caste them doune, yea and the myghtye people of the Heathen also, euen with them that dwell beneth: and with them that go doune into the graue, 19 Downe (how fayre soeuer thou be) and laye the wyth the vncyrcumcysed. 20 Amonge those that be slayne wyth the swearde shall they lye. The swearde is geuen already, he shall be drawen forthe, and all hys people. 21 The myghtye worthyes and hys helpers, that be gone doune, and lye wyth the vncyrcumcysed, and with them that be slayne wyth the swearde, shall speake to hym oute of the hell. 22 Assur is there also with his companye, and theyr graues round about, which were slaine and fell all with the swearde, 23 whose graues lye besyde hym in the lowe pytte. Hys comens are buryed rounde aboute hys graue, all together wounded, and slayne wyth the sweard whiche men afore tyme broughte feare into the lande of the lyuynge. 24 There is Elam also wyth all hys people, and their graues round aboute: which al being wounded and slayne wyth the swearde, are gone doune vncircumcysed vnder the earthe, whiche neuertheles sometyme broughte feare into the lande of the lyuynge: for the whiche they beare theyr shame, wyth the other that be gone doune to the graue. 25 Theyr buryall is geuen them, and al theyr people, amonge them that be slayne. Theyr graues are rounde aboute all them, which be vncyrcumcysed, & with them that be slayne thorowe the sweard: for seyng that in tymes past they made the lande of the lyuynge afrayed, they must now bear theyr owne shame, wt them that go doune to the pytte, and lye among them that be slayne. 26 There is Mesech also and Tubal, & theyr people, and theyr graues rounde about. These al are among the vncircumcysed, & them that be slayne with the swearde, because afore tyme they made the lande of the lyuynge afrayed. 27 Shulde not they then lye also amonge the worthyes, and vncyrcumcysed Gyauntes? which with theyr weapens are gone doune to hell: whose sweardes are layed vnder theyr heades, whose wickednesse is vpon theyr bones: because that as worthyes, they haue broughte feare into the lande of the lyuynge? 28 Yea amonge the vncyrcumcysed shalte thou be destroyed, and slepe wyth them, that perysshed thorowe the swearde. 29 There is the lande of Edom with her kinges & princes also, whiche with theyr strengthe are layed by them that were slayne with the swearde, yea amonge the vncyrcumcysed, and them whiche are gone doune into the pytte. 30 Moreouer, there be all the prynces of the north wyth all the Sydonyans, whiche are gone doune to the slayne. With theyr feare & strength they are come to confusyon, and lye there vncyrcumcysed, amonge those that be slayne with the swearde: and beare theyr owne shame, with them that be gone doune to the pytte. 31 Nowe when Pharao seyth thys, he shalbe comforted ouer all hys people, that is slayne wyth the swearde both Pharao and all hys host, sayeth the lord God. 32 For I haue geuen my feare in the lande of the lyuynge. But Pharao and all hys people shall lye amonge the vncyrcumcysed, and amonge them that be slayne with the sweard sayeth the Lorde God.